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Prague drugstores are now selling packaging-free cleaning liquids

At select DM locations in Prague, consumers can now bring in their own reusable bottles to purchase cleaning liquids

The Czech Republic has been making a big push to move away from plastic waste in recent years, with the Czech Ministry of the Environment introducing official measures to reduce plastic bags and local brands like IKEA and Lidl pledging to reduce their plastic waste starting this year.

Even the city of Prague has banned the use of plastic cups and other products at city-sponsored concerts and public events.

Two years ago, packaging-free store Bezobalu (Without Packaging) started selling food items and cosmetics; the store has since opened a second location in Nusle.

Now, one of the Czech Republic’s largest chain of drugstores is testing the sale of packaging-free washing liquids.

Two DM locations in Prague (at the Černý Most and Chodov shopping centers) are currently testing the sale of packaging-free liquid laundry detergent, dish soap, and other liquid cleaning products from eco-friendly brand Tierra Verde’s line of Yellow & Blue products.

Customers can purchase the products by returning to DM with a reusuable 1- or 1.5-liter bottle. To conform with Czech regulations, the bottle (containing relevant product information) must also be initially purchased from the drugstore for a 20 crown fee, but can be reused an unlimited number of times.

Tierra Verde’s eco-friendly Yellow & Blue products contain no phosphates, petroleum derivatives, palm oil, chlorine or other artificial substances, and are instead made with organic products including soapberries.

According to DM representatives, the sale of packaging-free cleaning liquids has been successful so far. Should that trend continue, the company will begin to introduce the service at additional locations throughout the Czech Republic.

Teta drugstore is also preparing to offer similar packaging-free products in the near future, and the model is also being considered by Rossmann.

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