Prague Floods 2013

As the water levels rise, we will try to keep you updated

As the water level in the Vltava rises, Prague is once again threatened with flooding, bringing back memories of 2002. On Monday, June 3, public schools (and most private ones) in the city have been closed. Metro stations in the center have also been shut down; check for details and alternate transportation routes.

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For up-to-date coverage, join the English-language Facebook group Prague Floods 2013 for information from the local community.

And check out for live minute-by-minute updates about the situation (in Czech).

Prague isn’t the only affected area; flood warnings are in effect throughout most of Bohemia; Česká televize’s crisis map contains reports from citizens around the country.

In Prague, the toll-free telephone line 800 100 991 can also be used for updates.

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As a last note from the team, to everyone in affected areas – bear in mind that the situation can change quickly. Be safe!

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