Prague is Europe’s 5th-cheapest holiday destination for UK tourists

Despite rising wages and soaring flat prices, Prague is still one of Europe’s cheapest tourist destinations says the 2019 Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer

Despite rising wages and soaring flat prices, Prague is still one of Europe’s cheapest tourist destinations, according to a new 2019 report from the UK’s Post Office.

The Post Office’s Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer, now in its 10th year, compares the prices of eight essential tourist items in 42 top tourist destinations in Europe and across the world to determine which locale is the most affordable for British travellers.

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Those must-have tourist items include dinner for two, various drinks including a wine, beer, cola and bottled water, a cup of coffee, bug repellent, and sunscreen.

For the second straight year, Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach was deemed to be least expensive tourist locale, with the total cost of the eight items coming in at £36.03 (1033 CZK) – – a slight decrease over 2018.

Prague, meanwhile, came in at a cost of £56.88 (1632 CZK) in 2019 – good enough to be named the 5th-cheapest holiday destination in Europe, and the eighth cheapest among 42 popular vacation locales for Brits in the world.

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The Post Office’s 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations in Europe:

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
2. Marmaris, TUrkey
3. Algarve, Portugal
4. Costa del Sol, Spain
5. Prague, Czech Republic
6. Paphos, Cyprus
7. Sliema, Malta
8. Porec, Croatia
9. Budapest, Hungary
10. Nice, France
11. Corfu, Greece
12. Sorrento, Italy

In 2018, Prague came in as the third cheapest holiday destination in Europe with a total cost of 53.40 (1533 CZK).

But while dinner for two in Prague saw a £5 rise over the past year, beer prices remained stable and a glass of wine somehow became 35% cheaper.

via The Post Office

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