Prague is the UK’s #1 Foreign Destination for Stag Parties

According to data from the Association of British Travel Agents, the Czech capital is the premiere destination for UK stag parties

More than a million Brits travel abroad for a stag or hen party every year, according to the UK’s Association of British Travel Agents.

In total, 7% of British male population between the ages of 25 and 34 – and 2% of female Brits – travelled overseas for a stag or hen party each year.

And more of them head to Prague than anywhere else.

The Czech capital ranked as the top destination for British stag-goers according to ABTA data, with Barcelona and Benidorm in Spain coming in at 2 and 3. Budapest in Hungary and Riga, Latvia rounded out the top 5.

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These are the UK’s top destinations for stag parties, according to ABTA:

1. Prague
2. Barcelona
3. Benidorm
4. Budapest
5. Riga

Interestingly enough, UK women aren’t nearly as interested in Prague – or elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe – as their male counterparts. The Czech capital didn’t even rank among the top five destinations for hen parties.

Here’s ABTA’s top five destinations for hen parties:

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1. Marbella
2. Barcelona
3. Benidorm
4. Dublin
5. Amsterdam

Within the UK, where most stag or hen parties still take place, the most popular destination for stag parties is Newcastle. London is the top locale for hen parties.

What to stag parties do for fun? If you’ve ever taken a stroll through central Prague over the past decade, you probably have a good idea. ABTA reports that bubble football, paintballing, and go-karting are also popular activities.

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