Prague Is the World’s Greenest Urban Space Says New Index

Prague Is the World’s Greenest Urban Space Says New Index

Dutch holiday agency TravelBird has released its Green Cities Index 2018 naming the urban destinations“currently making large efforts to be sustainable by preserving ecological areas, as well as those increasing their man-made green locations.

Data was compiled by analyzing city maps from across the world, focusing on prominent travel destinations. Areas within the city limits of each location were measured according to three main categories of green space: Natural, Man-Made, and Food Production.

The number of varying types of greenery such as woodlands, public gardens, parks, golf courses, orchards, vineyards, farms, and more was also considered in an effort to determine how many square meters of park or woodland each city has for every inhabitant.

Photo of Prague’s Seminary Garden: Wikipedia Commons @anotherbeliever

Reykjavik boasts the most square meters of green areas per resident at 410 sqm (followed by Auckland with 367 sqm and Bratislava at 332 sqm).

Prague came in number 6 on the index in terms of green space per inhabitant (220.54 sqm), however, based on the proportion of area given over to green space regardless of population, the Czech capital tops the list with nearly 57 percent of its area comprising parks and woodlands, according to the index.

Prague’s largest park, Stromovka, stretches across 95 hectares of the Bubeneč district and was established in the 13th century as a royal game reserve. It is part of a vast network of at least 200 parks established steadily since the medieval period that comprises the green lungs of the city.

See the full index here.

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