Prague’s Mobile Library Bus Brings Books to You

Two buses provided by Prague’s Municipal Library carry thousands of books around the city every day, including English-language titles

You might have been to Prague’s Městská knihovna (Municipal Library), whether the impressive Central Library around the corner from Old Town Square or one of the other 42 branches scattered around the city

And if you haven’t, the Municipal Library features an excellent selection of English-language literature and easy-to-use online reservation system. 

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But did you know that the Library also employs the services of two buses that carry thousands of titles each and make stops in different districts of Prague every day?

The Bilbliobus – Prague’s mobile library on wheels – makes stops in locations where the nearest branch may be too far a walk, or temporarily closed.

Both buses also carry around a few dozen English-language titles in addition to their Czech-language stock, from classics by Jane Austen and Edgar Allen Poe to newer titles from John Grisham and Stephen King.

Is a Bibliobus making a stop near you? Check out the bus schedule at the Library’s official website

You can also view the updated catalogues of both buses online here: bus 1 | bus 2

A third, smaller library bus, nicknamed ‘Oskar’, delivers books to schools, elderly homes, cultural events and other locations on an on-demand basis.

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