Prague metro drinking game to debut this Friday

A newly organized drinking game will send tourists on a pub crawl via the Prague metro
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Drinking for sport in the Czech capital is currently public nuisance number one, with late-night revelers challenging recently installed noise monitors and beer bikes continuing to make the rounds of Old Town.

While drinking taxes, mandatory closing hours, and other measures are currently being debated, a new form of fun geared at thrill-seeking tourists is poised to rear it’s ugly (foamy) head — the Prague Metro Drinking Game.

Oh My Prague, promoter of pub crawls and beer pong matches, have organized the tour, due to launch Friday, November 30, on an undisclosed metro line. According to the Facebook page for the event, the outing promises:

“1 metro station = 1 beer = Metro Drinking Game!  The event is free, you only pay for your drinks at the local pub nearby each metro station. At the end of the game, each participant is THE VIP guest with free entry to the Oh My Prague! party of the night.”

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Photo via Facebook / @ohmyprg

The group goes on to encourage participants to “drink responsibly” though given that Prague’s shortest metro line (A) has seventeen stations, that could pose a challenge.

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The game does not endorse actual drinking on the metro, an offense which could carry a fine of 400 CZK.

Czech tabloid Blesk, which originally picked up on the story, reached out to the Prague Transport Company whose spokesperson Aneta Řehková had this to say about the upcoming pub crawl:

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“From the point of view of ensuring proper, quiet and comfortable transport, the authorized person is entitled to expel persons who are obviously under the influence of the vehicle (transport area) alcohol other addictive substances and are in a state where they are threatening themselves or another person, property or order.”

The publication also reached out to organizers, who did not return their request for comment.

The event, which is limited to twenty participants — according to the public event on Facebook, nearly 300 people plan to attend and another 3,000 are interested — is currently at capacity.

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