Prague Metro to Get Permanent Street Art

After positive reception for temporary murals at Můstek and Anděl, DPP plans to brighten up some of Prague’s empty metro facades

When Prague metro’s Můstek and Anděl stations underwent reconstruction last year, the city’s public transportation company (DPP) made interesting use of the temporary white walls that were erected to fence of the construction areas.

After receiving complaints about some obscene graffiti scribbled on the walls, they asked some of Prague’s prominent street artists to provide some more colorful work (more about that here). 

The resulting pieces, from Pasta Oner, Jan “Onepoint” Kaláb, and others, were an immediate hit, bringing some vibrance into stations beset by construction zones.

Unfortunately, when renovations were completed and new elevators installed at the stations, the walls came down – and the artwork with them.

But the temporary installations were so popular that DPP is currently in talks with the city of Prague to bring a permanent street art makeover into stations around the city, reports Blesk. 

“We talked to the city, suggesting it would be good to identify various stops, as well the outside of some stations, to revitalize in order to make them more pleasing and beneficial for passengers,” DPP spokesman Jiří Štábl told Blesk.

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Word on which stations might get a makeover, and which artists would provide it, are yet to come. But the all-white outer walls at stations such as Florenc would make an ideal canvas.

“From our side, the suggestions included Florenc or Kačerov stations, i.e. their outer shell,” Štábl said. “We believe we can finish some of them this year.”

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