Prague Named Cheapest European City for Alcohol

The Czech capital dethrones Budapest as cheapest drinking destination, according to a new survey reported by The Telegraph

In a survey that measured the cost of a dozen alcoholic drinks – from beer to wine to champagne and various cocktails – throughout 16 major European cities, Prague was named the cheapest according to a new article in The Telegraph.

Leading the pack with a £1.26 (45 CZK) beer, a £1.57 (55 CZK) wine, a £2.03 (70 CZK) brandy and a £2.83 (99 CZK) vodka and orange, the total cost of a dozen varied alcoholic beverages came to £28.74 (roughly 1000 CZK) in Prague.

In second place was Budapest, with a total cost of £30.20 (1060 CZK) for the 12 drinks. In a similar survey conducted a year ago, Budapest topped Prague as cheapest destination for alcohol.

The price of ten alcoholic drinks was £19.76 (693 CZK) in Budapest in 2015, versus £25.91 (909 CZK) for Prague.

These are the 10 cheapest destinations for alcohol in 2016, by the total price for 12 varied drinks:

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  • Prague, Czech Republic – £28.74 (1008 CZK)
  • Budapest, Hungary – £30.20 (1060 CZK)
  • Krakow, Poland – £33.82 (1187 CZK)       
  • Riga, Latvia – £49.95 (1753 CZK)
  • Tallinn, Estonia – £53.11 (1864 CZK)
  • Palma, Majorca – £56.72 (1990 CZK)
  • Berlin, Germany – £57.54 (2019 CZK)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – £58.14 (2040 CZK)
  • Barcelona, Spain – £60.56 (2125 CZK)
  • London, England – £60.70 (2130 CZK)
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The most expensive city surveyed? Marbella, Spain, where beer runs £3.43 (120 CZK) and a cocktail £8.03 (282 CZK). The most expensive drink found in the survey was an £8.90 (312 CZK) dry martini in London.

And while Prague is the cheapest city overall, it was deemed the most expensive for one type of drink: avoid ordering a bottle of champagne in the Czech capital, which reportedly runs £55 (1930 CZK, which seems overly inflated).

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