Prague’s No Segway Road Signs Installed from Today

The city's first *official* road signs banning Segway use will start to go up today, meaning the city can finally enforce its months-old ban

Prague’s Segway ban has had a long road in 2016.

After years of talk, city officials approved a ban on the single-rider personal transporter vehicles throughout Prague’s historical center back in May

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In August, the ban was supposed to take effect, with an advertising campaign informing riders of potential fines. 

But there was a hitch: local authorities did not enforce the ban, citing a lack of proper road signs informing Segway riders where they could and could not drive.

Local officials estimated the signs would go up in November, but residents were wary given the ongoing situation. It appeared no end was in sight. 

Today, however, Prague’s very first official No Segway signs have gone up, reports Česká televize

It has been erected this morning in the vicinity of Prague Castle, at the streets U Prašného mostu and Jelení 

Further signs are expected to follow soon, but it’s up to the individual municipalities to erect them. The ban covers areas in Prague districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8.

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This weekend, Prague’s long-gestating Segway ban might finally take effect. Theoretically, at least, in locations where the relevant signs have been appropriately installed.

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