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Prague opens new Expat Center to help foreigners adapt

Inspired by other European metropolises, Prague has created an Expat Centre in Jungmannova street

Prague, Jan 15 (CTK) – Inspired by other European metropolises, Prague created an Expat Centre in Jungmannova street aimed at helping expatriates adapt to the Czech Republic, the Prague City Hall announced at the centre’s opening ceremony today.

The centre will focus on providing information, contacts and educational courses to qualified experts, entrepreneurs and students from foreign countries.

“I guess everyone who studied or worked abroad knows how difficult the first steps in an unknown environment can be and how valuable any help is. That is why Expat Centres exist and I am very happy that Prague joined this family. Let this unique project be a friendly guide, advisor and source of support thanks to which foreigners will feel at home here,” Prague City Council representative Vit Simral (Pirates) said.

American entrepreneur Martin Barry said the centre is a praiseworthy step towards navigating the often disorienting process of anchoring for foreigners in a new country.

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Since 2010, there is an Expat Centre in Brno, south Moravia, as well.

According to an August analysis by the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague), every seventh inhabitant of the city is a foreigner and almost half of them have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

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