Prague Police Thwart Attempted Attack on Merkel

Authorities in the Czech capital quickly intervened when a man attempted to infiltrate the German chancellor’s motorcade

Angela Merkel’s current visit to Prague has sparked waves of public protest (along with backing from supporters) and at least one minor incident that required police intervention.

Prague police were quick to react yesterday evening when an unidentified man in a black 4×4 Mercedes jeep attempted to drive into the German Chancellor’s motorcade yesterday afternoon, reports Tíseň.tv. 

“The driver did not obey police instructions, trying at any price to get into the motorcade,” police spokesperson Jozef Bocán told 

Eventually, however, he was forced to stop at gunpoint and subsequently arrested. According to Tíseň.tv, the unidentified man had tear gas, telescopic batons, and handcuffs in his vehicle.

“I can confirm that there was an attempt to disrupt the motorcade of Angela Merkel,” police spokesperson Tomáš Hulan told, who captured video of the aftermath. 

“However, the person was immediately neutralized by Prague’s Foreigners’ Police, who forced the driver to stop and to exit the car with their rifles.”

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The man is now under investigation for the crime of attempted violence against a public official.

While the incident was only a minor news item locally, the story has quickly spread internationally to The Mirror in the UK (under the headline Assassination attempt on Angela Merkel feared) and CNBC in the US, among other servers. 

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