Prague protests, largest since the fall of communism, make international headlines
June 4, 2019: an estimated 120,000 protesters fill Prague's Wenceslas Square (Photo via Instagram, @milionchvilek / @amaliekovarova)

Prague protests, largest since the fall of communism, make international headlines

An estimated 120,000 demonstrators filled Prague’s Wenceslas Square last night in what was the Czech Republic’s largest protest since the Velvet Revolution and fall of communism in 1989.

Over the past six weeks, growing demonstrations have targeted ever-controversial Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and newly-appointed Minister of Justice Marie Benešová amidst a recent recommendation from Czech police that Babiš be charged in a decade-old fraud case.

Last week, fires were flamed after a leaked report from the European Commission suggested the Czech Republic pay back EU subsidies due to an alleged conflict of interest regarding Babiš and his businesses.

You can read a more detailed background on the demonstration against Babiš and its causes here.

Yesterday’s protests have made international headlines and front pages in newspapers and outlets around the world.

The New York Times: “Protesters Fill Prague Square Again, in New Struggle for Country’s Soul”

BBC: “Prague anti-PM protest ‘biggest since end of communism’”

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CNN: Prague’s ‘biggest protests since fall of Communism’ demand Czech PM’s resignation

The Guardian: “Biggest Czech protest since 1989 calls for PM’s resignation”

Bloomberg: “Biggest Rally Since Communism Tests Czech Billionaire Leader”

Deutsche Welle: “Czechs demand prime minister’s resignation in massive protest”

Reuters: “Czech protesters demand PM Babis’s fall over investigation, business ties”

Organizers A Million Moments for Democracy live-streamed video of the entire three-hour protest at Prague’s Wenceslas Square to YouTube:

Protesters have been filling up locations across the Czech Republic for the past six weeks, with 50,000 demonstrators attending a rally at Wenceslas Square on May 21.

Yesterday’s protest, however – following the leaked European Commission report – more than doubled that number, and future demonstrations in Prague are expected to grow even larger.

To accommodate for even more people, the organizers have sought an even larger venue that Prague’s Wenceslas Square for their next demonstration.

On Sunday, June 23, the next A Million Moments for Democracy protest – billed as the largest yet – will take place in Prague’s spacious Letná Park.

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