Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague ranked 15th most accessible city in Europe in new study

The Czech capital was ranked ahead of popular destinations like London and Copenhagen in a new study for its many wheelchair-friendly options

This Sunday, March 1, is International Wheelchair Day, and accommodation search engine HomeToGo conducted a new study to reveal the top wheelchair-friendly destinations in Europe. Prague came in at #15 on the list of Europe’s most accessible cities.

HomeToGo surveyed every major city in Europe (with more than 500,000 residents) and used their own data from 17 million rental properties on the platform to determine which share of a city’s properties allowed for wheelchair access.

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What are the most wheelchair-friendly cities in Europe? Some might be surprised to find that Eastern European cities dominated the top of the list.

Bucharest in Romania was named Europe’s most accessible city, with 11.40% of its properties allowing for wheelchair access. Sofia, Bulgaria (10.41%) and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (10.20%) followed.

Barcelona in Spain (9.80%) and Naples, Italy (9.66%) rounded out the top 5.

But with a total of 8.73% of its properties providing wheelchair access, Prague wasn’t too far behind. The Czech capital landed in at #15 on the list.

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Prague ranked just behind Paris (8.74%) and Stockholm (8.76%).

These are the top 20 most-accessible cities in Europe according to HomeToGo:

1. Bucharest, Romania – 11.40% wheelchair-friendly properties
2. Sofia, Bulgaria – 10.41%
3. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 10.20%
4. Barcelona, Spain – 9.80%
5. Naples, Italy – 9.66%
6. Vienna, Austria – 9.43%
7. Vilnius, Lithuania – 9.38%
8. Glasgow, UK – 9.37%
9. Birmingham, UK – 9.05%
10. Warsaw, Poland – 9.04%
11. Berlin, Germany – 8.98%
12. Rome, Italy – 8.91%
13. Stockholm, Sweden – 8.76%
14. Paris, France – 8.74%
15. Prague, Czech Republic – 8.73%
16. Sheffield, UK – 8.66%
17. Belgrade, Serbia – 8.39%
18. Liverpool, UK – 8.38%
19. Oslo, Norway – 7.92%
20. Nottingham, UK – 7.91%

What are the least wheelchair-friendly cities in Europe?

Copenhagen topped the list of the least-accessible cities in Europe, with only 3.25% of its properties allowing for wheelchair access. Bristol and London in the UK came in next with under 5% of their total number of properties allowing wheelchair access, while Riga, Latvia and Helsinki, Finland rounded out the bottom five at less than 6%.

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