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Prague rated Europe’s second-best city for new university graduates

The Czech capital came in second to Glasgow in a ranking of the top European cities for graduates entering the workforce
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Which European cities offer the best opportunities for new university graduates?

With the Czech Republic maintaining Europe’s lowest unemployment rate for years and a record number of job vacancies on the local market, it’s no surprise that Prague comes out near the top of the list.

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CV building platform Resume.io recently ran a comparison of 32 popular European cities using statistics from Eurostat and cost of living data from Numbeo to determine the cities across the continent that might offer university graduates the most opportunity as they transition from school to working life.

Glasgow topped the list, but Prague came in right behind the Scottish city at #2. Munich, Budapest, and Stockholm rounded out the top 5.

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The comparison ranked each city by five key criteria: apartment rental costs, general cost of living, an economic category that included unemployment and average wages, the number of other new graduates in each city, sports & fitness satisfaction, and culture & entertainment satisfaction.

Prague received mostly high marks in each category without ranking among the top three in any of them. The Czech capital was rated best in the sports & fitness satisfaction (5th) and cost of living (6th) rankings.

No surprise to anyone who has seen Prague apartment prices soar over the past five years: the city received the lowest rank in the rental costs category, coming in at #14 of the 32 cities in the rating.

Sofia, Bucharest, Zagreb, Budapest, and Krakow topped the list of the cheapest rents in Europe. Vienna topped the list of culture & entertainment satisfaction, Glasgow rated first in sports & fitness, and Munich was ranked #1 in the economic category.

Some of Europe’s most popular destinations, including London, Paris, and Rome, landed in the bottom half of the list due to high rents and other cost-of-living factors.

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