Prague Segway Ban Goes to City Council

The ongoing Segway saga nears an end as Prague officials draft new regulations on their use in the city center

It’s been a long-debated topic: the operation of Segway vehicles on sidewalks and public areas in the historical center of Prague.

Currently, the city has no official laws on the books that regulate where a Segway can and cannot be driven. Some areas of Prague have erected “No Segway” signs that would seem to ban the vehicles, though the practical implementation of such regulations is a grey area.

But after years of discussion, city officials finally have a draft of a new amendment to the Road Traffic Act that hopes to determine, once and for all, where Segways can and cannot be driven.

The new regulations will introduce a new classification of Segways as “personal transporters” and seeks to prohibit their use on sidewalks, pedestrian paths, and cycling paths.

The current drafts include numerous variations that also detail in which areas of the city the regulations would take effect. The variants of the amendment extend beyond Segway regulations and include a potential prohibition of vehicles over 3.5 tons in Prague 1 and 2.

Final approval of which version of the amendment will take effect is now down to Prague’s city council.

“I consider it very good news for Prague’s residents that the Segway raids in the center of the city will be over,” said deputy mayor of Prague 1 Daniel Hodek, as reported by

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“The entire process was not simple at all and required a change in the law as well as agreements between the ministries and City Hall, as well as the Prague districts. We are finally at the end of it.”

While it’s taken a long time to get to this point, the reign of Segway in Prague’s city center appears to be nearing an end.

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