Prague sets new all-time high temperature record

Prague saw its hottest day since record keeping began, with 37.9 degrees Celsius

Sunday, June 30, was the hottest day ever at Prague’s Klementinum since record keeping began 244 years ago. Meteorologists measured 37.9 degrees Celsius. The previous records from June 1983 and 2013 have been beaten by 1/10th of a degree Celsius.

The tower in the Klementinum, near Charles Bridge, has been the official site used by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) for recording Prague’s weather since 1775.

The previous record for June 30 measured at the Klementinum was 35.7 degrees in 1950, and the previous June record was June 26, 2019, and was 37.5 degrees.

Records fell across the Czech Republic. It was even warmer just outside the city than in Prague. In Dobřichovice, a town in Prague-West District of Central Bohemia, meteorologists measured 38.8 degrees Celsius. The nationwide record of 38.9 degrees for June was recorded June 27 at Doksany, in the Ústí nad Labem Region, recorded in Litoměřice.

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The temperature record for June 30 fell at 74 percent of 148 weather stations that have been in operation at least 30 years. Forty-seven stations recorded their highest June temperature during their measurements.

These did not beat the absolute records for the Czech Republic, though. That was is 40.4 degrees, measured on Aug. 20, 2012 in Dobřichovice.

Temperatures should remain above 30 degrees on July 1, but strong storms are expected across the country, which should bring temperatures down.

The recent heatwave has also affected much of Western and Southern Europe, with France registering 45 degrees for the first time.

The trend of higher temperatures in recent years has been attributed by scientists to global warming linked to an increase in greenhouse gasses from human actions.

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