Prague Streets Become WWII Vienna

Production on a new Chinese miniseries turns back the clock in the Czech capital

If you happen to see banners with swastikas and other Nazi-related memorabilia on Prague streets over the next month, don’t be alarmed. 

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They’re (probably) part of filming for a new Chinese mini-series produced by Twin Star Film, which is set to take place in the Czech capital throughout the next month. 

The miniseries, titled The Last Visa, is about Ho Feng-Shan, who was also called the “Chinese Oskar Schindler”. 

Feng-Shan, a Chinese diplomat living in Vienna during the early years of WWII, helped more than 3,000 Jews escape Nazi-occupied Austria by issuing visas to Shanghai against the orders of his superiors. 

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Production on the mini-series began last month in Liberec before moving to Prague. An Imgur user has uploaded photos from the Liberec shoot here.

According to Film New Europe, the shoot is expected to last a total of 130 days. 

Advertise with reports that filming in Prague will take place over the next month. On their website, you can view a gallery of filming locations around Senovážné náměstí and Jindřišská, where swastika-laden banners decorated the streets.

A number of units are concurrently shooting at various locations around Prague. One of them has been filming on Vítková street in Prague 8, outside of (and from within!) the offices:

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