Prague’s Superbus Breaks Down Hours Into Operation

Quick update on the largest bus in the Czech Republic: it’s currently out of service due to winter weather

Quick update on the Van Hool AGG 300, the largest bus ever to drive on Czech roads, which went into operation yesterday bringing passengers to Václav Havel Airport for a four-month trial.

It’s already out of service.

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Due to problems with the air system that caused inadequate heating for passengers during this chilly November cold front, the bus has been decommissioned just hours into its trial run, reports

“The reason was the failure of the air system,” DPP spokesperson Aneta Řehková told the publication.

“During operation, the driver detected a fault and inadequate thermal comfort in the interior. The bus has been towed to a garage in Řepy.”

It’s unclear when the bus will go back into operation, but it’s expected to undergo a test drive without passengers this afternoon. If all goes well, it could be re-deployed immediately.

Read more about the Van Hool AGG 300 here.  

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