Prague Sushi Chef Caught Fishing in Vltava

A local sushi chef was filmed fishing in the Vltava – and undocumented meat was subsequently seized from his restaurant

Earlier this week, three men were spotted fishing in the Vltava by Prague 7’s Holešovický přístav, reports, who also obtained amateur video of the fishermen.

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According to one witness (and as seemingly captured in the video), the fishermen were also trying to snare a local duck.

A routine check from municipal police found the men had the required documentation to fish in the river. But an officer noticed one of the men was in full chef’s uniform from Haru Sushi Bar, located down the street on Jankovcova.

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (CAFIA) was queried as to whether it would be acceptable to serve fish from the river in the restaurant to guests. When they came back with a firm “no,” an inspection was carried out in the restaurant.

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“Inspectors found the restaurant’s freezer to contain portioned meat – most likely common carp – as well as its internal organs weighing a total of 1.2 kg,” said Pavel Kopřiva, a spokesperson for CAFIA.

“This food was not marked in any way. The restaurant operator was unable to provide any proof of origin. As a result, the food is classed as from unknown origin and inspectors have barred it from being sold.”

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The restaurant faces a fine of up to 50 million CZK.

Haru manager Patrik Tran, however, had an explanation.

“The fish was not intended to sell to customers, but for staff to consume,” he said. “Carp is not on our menu, nor can it be bought from us, so it would not get into circulation.”

“This fact was explained during the check-up, but unfortunately inspectors did not take it into account.”

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