Prague Tightens the Leash on Dogs

A new ordinance is set to restrict the areas canines can roam off-leash in the Czech captial

Prague has traditionally been a canine-friendly city. It’s never been uncommon to see unleashed dogs roaming the streets alongside or in front of their owners.

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Now, however, that might begin to change.

Beginning this fall, a new ordinance in the city is set to restrict the areas that dogs my travel unleashed throughout the city.

Currently, there is no city-wide law on where dogs need be kept on a leash. Certain areas – typically public parks – regulate whether dogs are allowed or need to be kept on leashes via clearly marked signs.

The new ordinance is set to reverse that, meaning that unleashed dogs will be forbidden in all areas unless clearly specified.

According to, Prague districts had until the end of August to submit the areas where dogs could run off-leash. The areas needed to be larger than 300 square meters.

Some districts, however, have failed to submit their areas to City Hall. Prague 7 will send the proposed spaces in by September 11, while Prague 6 has suggested September 25.

The new ordinance is aimed at both protecting pedestrians from potential attacks, and keeping the city streets and parks cleaner.

However, it has not come without resistance. Petitions from dog owners have collected thousands of signatures, according to 

If the ordinance is approved at the expected date, the new laws would go into effect from November 15 of this year, according to Metro.

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