Prague to ban plastics at all city-sponsored festivals and events

Ahead of an EU mandated plastics ban for 2021, the city of Prague is banning plastic at city-sponsored events

A number of Prague farmer’s markets and beer gardens have vowed to stop using plastic cups and utensils — now the city itself says it’ll ban plastics at all of its events.

According to iRozhlas, beverages and food will no longer be served in disposable plastics at cultural events supported by the Czech capital. Washable glassware, porcelain or metal dishes, and returnable plastics will be used instead.

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“The ban on disposable plastics will be valid at all cultural events that Prague financially supports by individual subsidies, including large music festivals. Most dishes serve only a few minutes, while we have far more gentle options, such as returnable cups,” said councilor Hana Třeštíková (Prague Sobě). 

The ban is to take affect from May 1.

Farmers’ markets in Prague have also vowed to reduce the environmental burden. This year, all sellers along the Vltava riverbank have are serving refreshments in dishes made of biodegradable materials, porcelain or the customers’ own containers.

As of this year, the popular farmer’s market on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square has gone plastic free, with sellers offering corn starch bags and or bio or returnable cups. Market organizers at Kubánske Square and vendors at Vítězné náměstí in Dejvice are also eliminating the plastic use.

The news comes well in advance of a European Union mandate to ban the use of all disposable plastic products by 2021.

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