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Prague to get direct flight to Bangkok by end of 2019

AirAisa is expected to launch its inaugural direct service to Europe via Prague by the end of the year

About 43,000 Czechs fly to Bangkok every year, while an estimated 50,000 Thais visit the Czech Republic.

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By the end of end of 2019, their journey should get a little easier – – and those numbers might see a big increase.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš met with representatives from Malaysian-based discount carrier AirAsia in Bangkok today, and a new direct line between Prague and Bangkok is expected to open up by the end of the year as a result.

Because Bangkok is one of the airline’s major hubs in Asia, the flight will create a number of new connections for travellers from the Czech Republic headed to Asia.

And Prague could also become a major layover for travellers to Europe. Representatives from AirAsia are currently speaking with other airlines to develop new routes in Europe for Asian travellers using Prague as a hub.

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The Prague-Bangkok direct flight will last approximately 10 hours.

Representatives from AirAisa are expected to soon head to Prague to settle administrative details, while Babiš hopes his counterpart, Thai Prime Minister Prajutch Čan-Oča, will also make it out to the Czech capital.

As part of the final leg of his Asian tour, Babiš will head to India tomorrow.

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