Prague to Get New “Elephant Butt” Lookout Tower

A unique observation tower made from all-natural materials is set to be constructed in Prague 14 next year

A unique new lookout tower is set to be constructed in Na Čihadlech nad Rokytkou, Prague 14 district, next year from award-winning architectural film HAMR (Huť architektury Martin Rajniš).

The firm was also responsible for that mysterious airship that was built on top of the DOX art center earlier this year.

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The Prague 14 tower will be made entirely from all-natural materials, mostly interwoven wooden bannisters from ash and other wood. It will reach a height of 24 meters.

Most interesting might be the shape of the tower, constructed in three giant legs. Opponents of the design claim that it resembles an “elephant’s butt.”

Visualization: HAMR Huť architektury Martin Rajniš
Visualization: HAMR Huť architektury Martin Rajniš

“Whenever you do anything in the Czech Republic, it’s always open to slimy criticism,” architect Martin Rajniš told

“We are a nation of humorless individuals.”

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The architectural firm built a similar-looking piece in Kyje in 2014. That piece employed the same woven style and had a comparable shape, but was not an observation tower.

More work from HAMR can be found via their official website and Facebook page.

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