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Prague to sign partnership agreement with Vienna

Prague's City Council has approved a five-year partnership agreement with Vienna to focus on cooperation in key areas

Prague, Feb 3 (CTK) – The Prague City Council approved a five-year partnership agreement with Vienna on cooperation in 13 different areas including transportation, culture, waste management, information systems and security today.

The City Assembly is yet to vote on the agreement.

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“Vienna is a city that is regularly placed in the top spots of quality of life ladders,” Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib (Pirates) said, adding that if the City Assembly votes in favour of the agreement, the two cities could sign it in March.

The agreement includes a plan for mutual visits during which both cities’ representatives plan to exchange experience.

According to the agreement, experts from different areas and municipal institutions will be invited to implement it.

Hrib said recently that such official partnerships are also in consideration with Dresden and Munich, cities that face similar problems like the impacts of climate change and a housing crisis.

In 2019, Prague joined the Pact of Free Cities with Budapest, Bratislava and Warsaw and signed a sister city agreement with Taipei.

Last October, Prague withdrew from its previous sister city agreement with Beijing over China’s refusal to remove a clause about the one-China policy from it.

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