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Prague Uber driver reportedly transported 90 passengers while infected with coronavirus

A Prague taxi driver reportedly drove 90 people over three days while infected with the coronavirus, Czech officials told the media today

The first case of community-spread coronavirus in the Czech Republic, and the country’s 38th case overall, was an Uber driver who tested positive last night despite not travelling out of the country recently nor having any contact with known coronavirus patients.

He also reportedly transported up to 90 passengers over the course of three days while infected with the virus, Czech health officials told members of the press this morning.

Now, Prague’s Public Health Station is seeking those 90 individuals for testing.

“In connection with the taxi driver we are searching for up to 90 people,” Zdeňka Jágrová, deputy director of the Prague Public Health Station, told the media.

“We are also examining six members of his family. He is Czech and he was tested on Monday.”

The Uber driver is a turning point for the spread of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, as he is the first recorded instance of community spread and his source of infection is not yet known.

The morning after the Uber driver tested positive for the coronavirus, Czech government officials called an extraordinary meeting to discuss future preventative measures against the spread of the virus.

The Czech Ministry of Health has since closed all elementary and secondary schools, and banned all events with more than 100 people.

See here for more updated news about the spread of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic.

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