Prague will light up for the Velvet Revolution and World Prematurity Day

The Dancing House and Czech Academy of Science have lighting events November 17, and the National Museum and Národní třída follow a day later
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Buildings in Prague will be lit this weekend not only to mark the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution but also for World Prematurity Day.

Nedoklubko, a non-governmental non-profit organization that has been supporting families after premature birth throughout the Czech Republic for 17 years, will be lighting buildings across the Czech Republic in purple on November 16. World Prematurity Day is actually a day later, but many buildings will be lit that day for the big celebration of 30 years of freedom. Having it a day earlier ensures it will be noticed.

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Buildings being lit in purple include the Dancing House in Prague, Špilberk Castle and Mahen Theater in Brno, Nová Karolína shopping mall and the Mining University in Ostrava, the Town Hall in České Budějovice, the New Stage of the JK Tyl Theater in Plzeň, Bečov Chateau, the Karlovy Vary Museum, and the 14|15 Baťa Institute in Zlín.

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dancing house
Dancing House in purple. via Raymond Johnston

International buildings to participate include the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House, Bratislava Castle and Niagara Falls.

Purple is used as it stands for bravery, which the babies and their families have to experience. Nedoklubko also encourages people to wear purple on November 16, and to post photos on social media tagged to @nedoklubko with hashtags #purpurovylistopad, #nedoklubko, #wpdcz, or #wpd2019.

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Also on November 16 there will be a videomapping on the Czech Academy of Science at Národní 3 at 6 pm, 6:30 pm, 7 pm and 7:30 pm. Admission is free.

It will guide viewers through key events of Czechoslovak and Czech history after 1945 with an emphasis on domestic and international events of November and December 1989. The videomapping aims to point out that key values such as democracy, freedom, plurality, openness to opinion, and tolerance are not self-evident, and the one-time “gift” brought by the Velvet Revolution has to be continually formed and re-formed.

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national museum
Videomapping on the National Museum in October 2018. via Raymond Johnston

There are also lighting events on November 17. Videomappings will take place on the Historical Building of the National Museum at 7:30 pm, 8:15 pm and 9:30 pm. These will coincide with live music from the Concert for the Future (Koncert pro budoucnost). The first videomapping will be followed by hymns sung by Matěj Ruppert and others, the next one will be done as part of an integrated music and light show by Tata Bojs, and the final one will be right after MIG 21 plays the closing set.

Národní třída on November 17 will host another main section of the Festival of Freedom, and a light show will be projected on buildings along the street throughout the afternoon and evening. It will highlight stories connected to the Velvet Revolution. This part of the larger Korzo Národní program is presented by Memory of Nation (Paměť národa) in cooperation with 3dsense.

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