Prague Zoo to Make Elephant Poo Paper

Does this paper smell funny? A mill at Prague Zoo that will turn elephant poop into paper is set to open in 2016

Prague Zoo was named the fourth-best zoo in world by Tripadvisor last year, and Zoo officials are looking at ways to make it even better in the near future.

In a recent interview with, Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek outlines some future plans for the popular destination. 

Among them, he mentions new animal pavilions, improved parking facilities, and the possibility of the zoo opening their very own hotel; the old site of the now-abandoned Troja Brewery could make an ideal location for zoo accommodation.

He also dropped one tidbit that visitors can look forward to in 2016: a mill that will turn elephant dung into paper goods that visitors can buy.

“This year, we will open a paper mill which will produce paper from elephant dung,” Bobek told “It’s an idea that we brought from Sri Lanka. I can’t wait.”

The concept of turning poo into paper goods is not a new one; among the companies that use dung for pulp is the online store Poopoopaper, which utilizes waste from a variety of animals.

“Elephants, cows, horses, moose, pandas, donkeys and others,” the company mentions, “all of which eat a lot, poo a lot and generate a plenty of fiber-filled waste material which serves as the base of our pulp mixture from which we craft our papers.

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