Prague Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

Prague Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

Prague Zoo welcomed a baby giraffe into the world on Friday morning, Zoo director Miroslav Bobek revealed on Twitter. 

The female calf was born to Rothschild giraffe Eliška. It’s the eighth calf the 21-year-old Eliška has delivered.

If all goes well, the newborn will be revealed to the public in approximately two weeks, the Zoo posted to its Facebook page.

The new giraffe is the latest a series of high-profile births Prague Zoo has welcomed in 2016.

In January, the Zoo welcomed a baby hippo; that was followed by a baby elephant in April and a newborn gorilla a few weeks later.

Last year, Prague Zoo was named 4th best in the world by popular travel website TripAdvisor.

Photo: Facebook / Prague Zoo
Photo: Facebook / Prague Zoo

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