Prague Zoo’s Newborn Miracle Gorilla Is Thriving

Prague Zoo’s Newborn Miracle Gorilla Is Thriving

A deceptively plump 24-year-old female gorilla shocked zookeepers at the Prague Zoo this past Saturday by delivering a perfectly healthy baby.

And now reports from the zoo say that the “miracle” gorilla is thriving.

Proud new mother Shinda, a Western lowland gorilla from Australia, is caring for her newborn like a pro, holding it properly and even introducing it into the fold.

Zookeepers are predicting that Shinda, who had recently lost her dominant position among the other females, will see her prestige increase thanks to her newly delivered bundle of joy.

The baby gorilla, whose sex is as yet unknown, is reportedly already a big eater.

The birth has captured media attention from around the world and is another adorable recent headline from the Prague Zoo which welcomed a newborn elephant earlier this month

The gorilla pavillon is currently open to the public and the zoo invites admirers to come see the new family in action.

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Elizabeth Haas

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