Praguers Push Bus Up Hill During Snowstorm

Photo of a group of passengers pushing up a Prague bus uphill during Wednesday’s snowstorm goes viral

Prague had a brief but intense snowstorm this Wednesday – perhaps the last bout of snow we’ll see this season – that led to some slippery conditions on the city’s streets.

When a bus in Prague 5 – Řepy couldn’t make it up a steep incline, about 10 passengers took to the streets to give the giant vehicle more than a little push.

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A keen-eyed photographer snapped a quick shot of the incident, which quickly spread throughout social media.

The photo was originally taken by Lenka Písařová and posted to the Facebook group Jak se žije v Řepích (How Life is in Řepy).

The picture says it all: 

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Photo: Facebook / Lenka Písařová
Photo: Facebook / Lenka Písařová

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