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Prague’s Clementinum courtyard is re-opening to the public today with a festive St. Wenceslas market

A St. Wenceslas market pops up in a surprising historic venue today

The Clementinum (Klementinum) is a historic complex of buildings in Prague housing the oldest weather recording station in the Czech lands (est. 1775) and a Baroque library, with ceiling artwork by Jan Hiebl, described by many a listicle as one of the world’s most beautiful. 

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Today the Clementinum complex will re-open its courtyard area to the public with a festive St. Wenceslas market that runs through September 29. The markets on the Clementinum grounds allow the general public to visit normally inaccessible parts of an institution whose history dates back to the 11the century, and was once known as the third-largest Jesuit college in the world.

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The stalls at the St. Wenceslas market will offer craft and gifts items as well a range of food and drink stands serving up standard market fare of langos, sausages, burcak young wine, and beer.

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In addition to the Clementinum market, a number of other markets will be open around Prague in the lead up to the September 28th holiday commemorating the death of St. Wenceslas in Stará Boleslav in 935, known also as the Day of Czech Statehood.

Markets offering a wide range of Czech delicacies and accompanying musical programs are now operating on Wenceslas Square. A popular costume parade will take place on September 28th with a procession of knights, jugglers, musicians and dancers, led by Prince Wenceslas on a horse, will pass through the lower part of Wenceslas Square Saturday at 2 pm.

The prince traditionally welcomes all visitors and guests, ascends to the throne, and personally kicks off the day’s festivities.

For more details on the Clementinum market, visit the Facebook page for the event; a schedule of citywide St. Wenceslas events can be seen here.

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