Prague’s First Packaging-Free Drugstore Opens New Shop In Nusle

Prague’s First Packaging-Free Drugstore Opens New Shop In Nusle

Non-profit organization Bezobalu (Without Packaging) launched a pilot project in Vinohrady a couple years ago offering customers the opportunity to purchase loose dried nuts, spices, cereals, and legumes that could be carried home in reusable jars and sacks.

The project was a huge success and led to the opening of the first store of its kind in the Czech Republic in 2017, a no packaging supermarket with an area of 127 m², at Hradčanská metro where customers bring their own bags or purchase cardboard containers to fill with groceries.

Also a pioneer on the plastic-free front, Nebaleno opened as Prague’s first packaging-free shop devoted exclusively to cosmetics.

Photo: Facebook / Nebaleno

That shop has now unveiled a newly expanded space, as of last week, where in addition to packaging-free cosmetics you can buy everything from nuts to seeds, rice, and coffee minus the excessive plastic wrapping.

What started out as an “unpacked” drugstore in Nusle, at  Jaromírova 15 has now added a neighboring space stocking organic groceries to its already extensive inventory of cosmetics and cleaning products.

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Photo: Facebook / Nebaleno

Unique items for purchase include deodorant and lip balm in compostable packages that can be refilled and a new selection of coffee from Prague’s Candycane coffee roasters.

Nebaleno has also launched an e-shop offering home delivery.

For a full assortment and price list see here.

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