Prague’s World-Famous Astronomical Clock Gets a Virtual Makeover

The virtual astronomical clock debuted in Old Town Square yesterday afternoon giving tourists an astonishing new orloj experience

A modern LED screen appeared on the tower of the Czech capital’s Old Town Hall yesterday providing Prague tourists with a whole new astronomical clock experience.

According to a news release from Prague City Hall, the virtual astronomical clock has dimensions of 5.56 x 384 meters and weighs about 1,000 kg. To ensure safety, it was necessary to adjust the scaffolding and create a special design for attaching it.

A software application has been developed that fully reflects the function of the original astronomical clock including movement of the individual elements on the astronomical dial.

The virtual astronomical clock completely reproduces the function of the original astronomical clock and the accompanying sound effects – the ringing of death and the crowing of the cock.

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The soundtrack animation will be off during the night hours as was the case with the clock before reconstruction. The screen is equipped with a sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the image according to the light conditions.

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The entire system operates via remote surveillance which will be managed by outdoor advertising company BigMedia who has donated the screen to the city.

The clock, the third oldest of its kind in the world and the oldest still-operating astronomical clock, stopped on January 8 and was completely dismantled for the first time since the postwar years; earlier this month several of the clocks near the top of the tower were reinstalled.

The city will relaunch the restored orloj, as it’s called in Czech, on October 28 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic.

See additional video and photo footage of Prague’s new virtual astronomical clock here.

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