QUIZ: Edible or poisonous? Take the Czech mushroom challenge

Ready to pick mushrooms in the Czech Republic? Test your knowledge of edible vs. inedible varieties with this quiz

Now through the end of November is high season for heading to the forest in search of houby. Seasoned mushroom pickers will have no problem filling their baskets — or acing this test which will determine your proficiency in the Czech national pastime.

Note that our archive of articles on the topic can also point you in the right direction when it comes time to properly identify mushrooms. A Czech-developed mushroom app can teach you which ones to harvest for soup and which ones to leave behind. Still in doubt? Take your basket straight to the mushroom advice center at the Czech Mycological Society in Prague.

Either way, please exercise caution — and happy mushroom hunting!

If you enjoyed that challenge and want to test more of your Czech knowledge, try out one of our other Czech trivia quizzes!

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