Record September Heat Wave Spreads Through Czech Republic

Many of the country’s measuring stations are noting record highs, but forecasts call for a cooldown over the weekend

It was the warmest summer in the Czech Republic since 1983, according to at least one weather observer.

And two weeks into September, record high temperatures are still being recorded at weather stations throughout the country

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On Monday, the high temperature exceeded 33° Celsius, and daily records for September 12 fell at 95 of the country’s 146 weather stations.

High temperatures throughout the Czech Republic are expected to hold for much of the rest of this week, with highs of 30° forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

But just in time for the weekend, a cold front is expected to bring a cooldown with showers and thunderstorms on Friday.

Daily highs for the weekend are expected to be in the range of 18° to 23°, with lows of 7° to 12° at night.

In some areas, including Prague and Central Bohemia, a fire warning is currently in effect due to low humidity and the lack of rain.

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In-depth forecasts and other weather updates can be found at the website of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

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