Regional Governor Rath Arrested

He was charged with corruption and arrested when carrying CZK 7 million

Regional Governor Rath Arrested

David Rath was charged with accepting a CZK 7 million (EUR 280,000) bribe for manipulating the contract for the reconstruction of the Bustehrad Chateau near Kladno. The Central Bohemia governor and Social Democratic deputy was arrested when carrying the mentioned sum.

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Prague – Central Bohemia governor and Social Democratic deputy David Rath was arrested by the anti-corruption police on Monday evening (May 14). On Tuesday morning, Rath was charged with corruption and his Prague office was searched.

Chairwoman of the Czech Chamber of Deputies Miroslava Nemcova (ODS) said that the police had asked her for a permission to arrest Deputy David Rath, and she had given them the green light at 11 PM.

“According to the information I received, David Rath was arrested immediately after committing a crime,” said Němcová.

According to a source from the Social Democracy, Rath had CZK 5 million (approximately EUR 200,000) on him when he was detained.

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While Němcová’s permission was sufficient for the police to detain Rath, the Chamber of Deputies will have to vote to approve his criminal prosecution.

Another four men and three women were arrested.

Deputy prosecutor Lenka Bradacova confirmed that the police arrested five men and three women, and one of them is a member of the Czech Parliament. Bradacova said they are charged with corruption, damaging the EU’s financial interests and receiving benefits in exchange for awarding public contracts.

According to a source from the Czech Social Democratic Party, the arrests are linked to overpriced acquisitions by a hospital in Kladno, Central Bohemia, and the hospital’s director is among the arrested.

The same sources also said that David Rath is prepared to step down from all his positions in the Social Democratic Party, in order not to damage the party ahead of forthcoming elections.

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