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Rejoice! No More IDs Needed for Czech Post Pick Up

The Czech Post has announced a new policy of issuing code-based packages to shorten waits and speed up delivery time

While most of us love getting a package notice from the Czech mail, picking up said package is another story. Good news regarding Czech postal services is being widely reported today; in the run up to the holiday shipping blitz the post office is (finally) making it a bit easier to claim your boxes.

Packages may now be retrieved at the post office without an identity card, thanks to a new policy of issuing code-based packages. Packages can also be picked up family and friends who have the addressee’s name and their six-digit shipment code.

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The code will be sent to addressee by SMS or e-mail. It can be entered into the automated number system that is available at around 100 post office branches.

A spokesperson for the Czech post says that the change will help shave time off waits while accelerating and simplifying parcel delivery especially before Christmas.

“There is no need for administration, the number of steps required to deliver packages will be reduced, and the process will be accelerated. The amount of time saved by delivering shipments to the code is estimated at one to two minutes for each shipment. This illustrates that if ten people come to the branch for their package, the eleventh client will be served a quarter of an hour earlier than before,” says Martin Vránek, Director of the Sales and Marketing Division for Česká pošta.

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The service is available for shipments from e-shops as well as for individually sent packages. The sender must provide the post office with a mobile phone number or e-mail recipient.

At the same time, the Post Office is expanding its number of dispensing points in October from 100 to 170.

The good news drops just in time for World Post Day today.

For more details visit the Česká pošta website.

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