Restored Barrandov Terraces to Re-open in 3 Years

After decades of neglect, reconstruction has finally begun on Prague’s once-prominent 1930s cultural hotspot

Barrandov Terraces, the landmark Prague 5 estate designed by Max Urban and modeled after the famed Cliff House in San Francisco, was the cultural destination for the rich and famous during Czechoslovakia’s short-short First Republic when it opened in the early 1930s.

After World War II, the Terraces were nationalized by the state and fell into disrepair over the following decades. The famed Trilobit nightclub was finally closed in 1981.

In 1992, the property was returned to the family of then-President Václav Havel, whose father and uncle had built the complex; after second wife Dagmar Havlová sold a majority share of the comany Barrandovské terasy, a.s. in the early 2000s, talks of restoration haven’t led anywhere.

Until now.

Restoration of the complex finally begun last month, according to Česká televize, as vegetation was cleared from the premises and repairs started on the roof of its main building. By 2020, restoration of the Terraces is expected to be completed, and the venue re-opened to the public.

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The work is being done according to the plans of Kuba & Pilař Architects, who have modelled their designs after the appearance of the Terraces in their original state.

The serpentine portion of the estate will be re-opened as a hotel with rooms for 200 guests, while two restaurants will also open at the complex: one modern and one modelled after the famed 1930s French restaurant that originally occupied the main building.

Two new buildings will be also built adjacent to the original ones. All adjustments to the current complex have been approved by conservationists.

Unfortunately, the once-famed Trilobit nightclub, which completely burned down in 2001, will not be reconstructed. Instead, luxury apartments will be built on the location.

A couple years back, photographer Margot Buff took these photos of the decrepit state of the Barrandov complex for us among other modern ruins in Prague.

Photo: Margot Buff
Photo: Margot Buff

Photo: Margot Buff
Photo: Margot Buff

Some more visualizations from Kuba & Pilař Architects:

Kuba & Pilař Architects
Kuba & Pilař Architects

Kuba & Pilař Architects
Kuba & Pilař Architects

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