Roaming Fees In the EU Just Got Cheaper

Good news for frequent flyers: the European Commission has slashed roaming charges by a third

As of Saturday, the European Union has imposed new limits on the controversial fees that are applied when using mobile phones abroad, reports Czech server

The new rules provide cheaper calls between EU member states.

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Surcharges for roaming may not exceed five Euro cents (1.35 CZK) per minute, two Euro cents (0.67 CZK) per text message, or five Euro cents (1.35 CZK) using one MB of data.

The changes mean that EU roaming charges will fall by at least 75 percent.

If you travel throughout the Continent frequently, it may be worth reviewing your current mobile package as some providers include roaming as a part of special deals.

From June 2017, roaming charges in the EU are set to be completely abolished. Monthly call allowances will then apply across the EU as if the user were calling within their home country.

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