New Rooftop Lookout with Castle View On the Horizon In Prague

New Rooftop Lookout with Castle View On the Horizon In Prague

Lively Národní boulevard, home to the National Theatre, the Czech Academy of Sciences, and Lažanský Palace, forms the centuries-old boundary between Old Town and New Town.

A new building project at the corner of Mikulandská Street and Národní aims to give these ancient elements a modern face while preserving the historic character of the area.

Palác Národní due for completion in September will consist of two interconnected structures—a glassed-in new building and a repository of the preserved Baroque Schönkirch Palace—linking Národní and Mikulandská via a courtyard passage.

According to, the building was originally meant to be a luxury hotel; it was acquired by architectural firm Sabre in 2012. Its partner and investor is the Czech billionaire Petr Němec.


While the multi-function building will serve as an office space, it will also house public restaurants, shops, and a rooftop garden with Prague Castle views; the outer walls on each floor will be decorated with green terraces.

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“Our goal is to build a house that will improve the quality of life on Národní and will provide the public and the people working there with an inspirational environment in which they will feel good and where they will return,” Jan Kubíček, of Sebre, told the publication.

He adds that the closed environment of a luxury hotel does not offer any added value from the point of view of the needs of urban life.

The total cost was roughly billions of crowns, the architect of the building is Stanislav Fiala. It will be the most expensive building for rent in the city center at 24.5-30 EUR (640-870 CZK) per square meter. is a comprehensive and popular portal for the English-speaking community, offering a wide range of information geared toward foreigners living and working in Prague and the Czech Republic.

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