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Same-sex partnerships to be statistically recorded in Czech Republic

Nearly 4,000 same-sex couples entered into registered partnerships in 2019

The Czech Statistical Office (CSU) will start keeping a continuous record of the start and end of same-sex partnerships in the country, similar to how they record marriages and divorces, CSU spokesman Jan Cieslar told journalists Tuesday.

Nearly 4,000 same-sex couples entered into registered partnerships in 2019, the largest number since registered partnerships first started in 2006, according to data from sociologist Zdeněk Sloboda, the founder of the Proud association.

“The first reason may be the higher number of people aged 35 to 45 who enter into a registered partnership most often. Another reason is the 14-year period of existence of a registered partnership, which most likely contributed to the normalization of the view of gays, lesbians and their relationships among the general population,” sociologist Zdeněk Sloboda told Czech Television.

The government will also keep track of children born in same-sex partnerships, Cieslar said. The CSU is preparing the record-keeping in connection with the population census in 2021. In early June, the Chamber of Deputies passed the law on census.

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The data on the conclusion and dissolution of registered partnerships by a decision or death of the partner are kept in the information system of the population register and in the information system of the foreigners, CSU director Marek Rojicek said.

The sharing of the data is still prevented by the absence of the link to the basic registers, through which the data may be gained. The law in question will change this, Rojicek said.

“After the 2021 census is finished, its information system will be still used to share the administrative records from the systems of the Interior Ministry and other data sources in order to keep a continual population record,” he added.

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The data on the people living in registered partnership, including their demographic and economic characteristics, will be released annually as part of the “small censuses” after the 2021 census is processed.

The next population census will be held on March 27, 2021.

Registered partnership can be concluded in the Czech Republic since July 1, 2006. Many couples did so immediately after it was enacted.

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