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Second victim of coronavirus claimed in Czech Republic

A second man, at the age of 45, died from novel coronavirus in the Czech Republic today

Prague, March 24 (CTK) – A second man, 45, died from novel coronavirus in the Czech Republic today, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch has told CTK, adding that he was in hospital in Havířov, North Moravia, and suffered from severe cancer.

The first victim was recorded in Prague on Monday. It was a man aged 95.

“The news came from the hospital in Havířov. The patient, born in 1975, lost his fight against a widespread failure of organs due to advanced cancer. The coronavirus worsened his condition,” Vojtěch said.

The infection sped up the man’s death, the hospital in Havířov said in a press release.

“The hospital did its utmost to save him, but even specialised intensive care did not succeed. The patient had widespread metastatic cancer. The coronavirus sped up his death,” hospital spokeswoman Irma Kanova said.

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The man was hospitalised at the isolation unit for the patients who have tested positive for coronavirus.

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“His health condition was rapidly worsening. Due to this, he was moved to the special intensive care unit for patients with severe symptoms of the coronavirus infection,” hospital director Norbert Schellong said.

“The fight against multiple failure of organs was in vain due to the advanced malign tumors. The condition was unfortunately exacerbated by a severe pneumonia. Normally, it would not be lethal for a man of his age,” he added.

The first COVID-19 disease cases were confirmed on March 1. There have been 1,289 confirmed coronavirus cases in Czechia by this morning.

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