See Czechia from the Skies in New Drone-Shot Doc

The documentary series Krajinou domova, premiering tonight on Czech TV, showcases the Czech Republic from beautiful aerial drone footage

They’re used at rock concerts, sporting events, and around cities and countrysides: aerial drones that capture footage of landscapes that we wouldn’t normally get to see.

Well, the new TV documentary series Krajinou domova (National Landscape) showcases the entire Czech Republic as you’ve never seen it before.

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Comprised of footage shot by drones of the vast Czech landscape, the doc features footage so magical you may not recognize the country.

“You won’t find anything similar to what we have here anywhere else in Central Europe,” program director Petr Krejčí told

“The vibrance of the landscape inflates the senses, similar to the scene from Harry Potter where they enter a magic tent that is multiple times larger inside than what it appears to be from the outside.”

Check out the below trailer, which cuts between English and Czech narration:

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