Segway 2.0: “Harley Scooter” Tours Now Offered in Prague

With a ban on the controversial vehicles now enforced in the Czech capital, Segway tour operators are starting to get innovative

The signs are up and fines are starting to be handed out.

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But what’s next for Prague’s once-burgeoning Segway tour scene?

The local Association of Segway Tour Operators is still threatening legal action against the city of Prague. But in the meantime, local operators will either have to get creative and offer tours outside of Prague’s historical center, or perhaps introduce a new line of vehicles.

And that’s exactly what the company Prague Segway Tours is doing. 

New “Harley Scooter” tours are “coming soon!” according to the operator’s website, giving riders the chance to “feel like Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in unforgettable “Easy Riders” movie [sic]” while touring Prague.

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While the website doesn’t clarify what bikes will be offered, the pictures display a Scrooser, a German-produced vehicle that runs about €4,500 (around 120,000 CZK).

A small electric motor stored in the rear wheel hub amplifies the force of an initial kickoff, and allows the rider to sit for extended periods of time.

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Presumably, the Harley Scooters would be governed by the same laws as bicycles in Prague, meaning they would be kept off the sidewalks and onto the streets or designated bike paths.

But this promotional video, showing the bike weaving around bystanders in pedestrian zones, isn’t exactly encouraging:

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