Prague Segway Rider Hit by Tram

A female tourist was struck by a tram yesterday evening; today, Prague councillors meet to discuss city’s Segway ban

Shortly after 17:00 yesterday afternoon, a female Segway rider was struck by a tram while on a pedestrian crossing at Vítězná and Zborovská streets in the center of Prague.

The 42-year-old tourist was treated on the spot and taken to a hospital for treatment for a concussion. Tram traffic was interrupted for a quarter of an hour.

Photos of the incident (via Blesk) showed pools of blood on the tram tracks. 

Police are currently investigating the causes of the accident.

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The collision was “unique” according to DPP spokesperson Jiří Štábl, who couldn’t recall another incident involving Segway riders and Prague public transport.

Video of the aftermath via

The accident comes at a pertinent time for the city of Prague.

Today, local councillors are meeting to discuss the city’s proposed Segway ban, which would prohibit the vehicles on sidewalks, bicycle and pedestrian paths within Prague’s historic center (more on that here).

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More on that story as it develops.

UPDATE: city councillors have voted unanimously in favor of the Segway ban

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