Shopaholics, rejoice! Primark will FINALLY open a store in Prague
Illustrative image: Primark store in Cologne, Germany

Shopaholics, rejoice! Primark will FINALLY open a store in Prague

Rumors of the Irish apparel brand Primark entering the Czech market have abounded for years with thousands of fans petitioning the retailer to bring their affordable fashions to Prague, and even a bus tour devoted to transporting Czech shoppers to the nearest Primark in Dresden, Germany.

Now after years of consideration and negotiations, the affordable fashion chain has announced that it has signed a lease for its first store in the center of Prague, Hospodářské noviny reports. 

No specific location or time frame has yet been given for the store opening, though a representative for the company told the publication that it will publish details soon.

Photo via Facebook / @Primark

Primark sells everything from baby and kids clothes to women and men’s apparel, homewares, accessories, beauty products, and confectionery. 

Its first store in Dublin in 1969 was opened under the name Penneys and today operates in over 350 stores in eleven countries across Europe and America.

In 2016, Primark opened a distribution center in Bor, near Tachov, which led to whispers that the brand could be opening a retail location in the Czech Republic.

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Update: according to, the new Primark store should be located on Wenceslas Square in the new Flower House building, which is currently under construction.


Katrina Modrá

A long-time resident of Prague, Katrina Modrá has covered Czech culture, lifestyles, and news for both local and international publications for 15+ years.

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