Projected text / via Signal Festival

Signal Festival will project positive messages on Prague’s Malá Strana waterfront

Celebrities and the public can participate in a project to shed some light on a dark time

People can send messages that will be projected on the embankment of Malá Strana between the bridge Mánesův most and Hergetova Cihelna on April 28 and 29 from 8:30 pm to midnight.

This event, organized in cooperation with the annual Signal Festival of light art, is meant to offer some encouragement while the world is fighting a coronavirus pandemic and some countries are slowly returning to normal life. Via this event, Signal will join the ranks of large cultural organizations that want to contribute a positive impulse to the current situation.

The light messages will hopefully look to the near future and bring motivation. Several celebrities will send messages to the wall, but it is also open also open to the general public. Anyone can write a message on Signal Festival’s Facebook page, and the organizers will gradually select some of them to be included. This collective message project will highlight the power of human communication during a time of crisis.

, Signal Festival will project positive messages on Prague’s Malá Strana waterfront, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic
Projected text / via Signal Festival

“The public space is starting to come alive after almost two months, but the process of returning to a normal life without face masks and without fear is ongoing. With the help of the medium of light, we have created a place where people can say what they would say to others today to lift their spirits at this difficult time,” Signal Festival director Martin Pošta said.

“The world we live in will change as a result of the pandemic. I believe that there will be things we can look forward to. Our messages carry encouragement and motivation for the coming months. And we need that the most now,” he added.

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Participating celebrities include film director Vít Klusák, actress Jenovéfa Boková, traveler Ladislav Zibura, architect Eva Jiřičná, singer Katarzia and artist Kateřina Šedá. For example, actress Jenovéfa Boková sends a message “Everything will be fine, let’s be nice to ourselves.”

The light messages are the way to a positive future after the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to the organizers.

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The Signal Festival is traditionally held in the autumn in the streets of Prague, where it brings works of art that connect the city’s scenery with the latest technologies. With individual installations and an accompanying program, it always responds to current social issues, which it lets be heard on a large scale of public space.

The eighth annual Signal festival will take place October 15–18, 2020.

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