VIDEO: Driver Flirts with Death at Level Crossing

A week after the fatal collision at Studénka, a Škoda driver in Černožice tries his luck

On July 22, a Pendolino train collided with a Polish truck at a Studénka crossing, leaving three dead and over a dozen hospitalized.

The cause was not accidental, as the truck driver (who survived the incident) ignored the warning lights while driving across the tracks.

Such incidents, unfortunately, have been on the rise in the Czech Republic, reports Tý Last year there were 23 deaths at level crossings in the country. 

While lawmakers plan on implementing better safety measures at level crossings in the near future, apparently the Studénka crash isn’t enough deterrent for some drivers.

In video posted to iDnes, the driver of a Škoda Superb is seen narrowly averting death after slowly driving through a crossing just seconds before a train barrels through.

The incident occurred in Černožice, a town in the Hradec Králové region, on July 29, a week after the Studénka collision.

Incredibly, despite having the driver’s license plate and footage of their actions, they will likely go unpunished.

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“Because it was probably a foreigner […] there is no international agreement, with the help of which we might, on the basis of the video, contact and punish them,” Lenka Burýšková, spokeswoman for the Hradec police, told iDnes.

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