Gott, Škoda, Pilsner among Favorite Czech Brands

A recent survey revealed Czech consumer preference for everything from beer to chocolate, entertainers and cars

The International Certification Association (ICERTIAS) recently conducted its annual Quality Medal (QUDAL) research asking 1,200 Czech consumers to identify symbols of excellence in categories ranging from food and drink to cars and electronics.

A strong preference for domestic brands was reflected across a number of survey categories with Škoda ranking as top auto brand and Pilsner Urquell winning the beer category.

Lenovo was chosen by those interviewed as the most high-quality notebook manufacturer.

Eighty-six percent of Czechs indicated that product quality was important to them and that they would buy a product bearing the gold medal for quality.

Top picks for other brand categories included: T-Mobile (category mobile operators), Orion (category chocolate), Mattoni (category of non-carbonated mineral water), and, Kaufland (category of international retail chains).

The survey also touched on celebrities and sports clubs, with most Czechs surveyed mentioning Karel Gott, Jaromir Jagr, and (surprisingly) ABBA as cultural benchmarks of excellence.

Real Madrid was named the world’s best sports club and Sparta Prague the best sports club in the Czech Republic.

Findings are used to award the QUDAL seal of approval to those products and services which consumers believe to offer the highest level of quality.

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